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Q&A with Assistant Coach Raina Harmon, CMU Women’s Basketball

Former standout player, Raina Harmon is now coaching for her beloved alma mater. Having lived as a student athlete and now coach is a tremendous advantage in knowing exactly what works. Needless to say, we were excited to learn from her perspective on how TeamSynced has impacted CMU Women’s Basketball over the last few years.

Prior to TeamSynced, what were you doing to keep everyone informed?

Before implementing TeamSynced, keeping players, coaches and everyone else associated with our program in the loop was difficult. We created our own template that had class schedules using Microsoft Excel. It took us hours to type up the schedule, review it, and send it.

As we know, things are always changing so we were constantly updating the spreadsheet and emailing it repeatedly. Additionally, no one carried the spreadsheet around so eventually we resorted to constantly calling and texting to notify everyone of changes in our daily schedule.


Why did you decide to implement TeamSynced?

We decided to implement TeamSynced after our Director of Basketball Operations and I did the demo. Once we tried it, we thought it would be a good idea to have some of our players try the trial to see how they would respond.

Initial reviews were that they loved it.

With today’s technology, our players are constantly getting text messages and emails in which they check at their own convenience.

However, when they receive a TeamSynced notification, they know it is priority and check it as soon as they receive it.


What are some examples of how TeamSynced is used in the day-to-day operations?

As coaches, we use it to see our player’s availability for workouts and meetings. Our trainers use it to see availability for rehab. Our video coordinator uses the file sharing for clips of practice. Our Director of Ops uses it before road trips to get food orders handled and shares the itinerary to everyone in our travel party. The TeamSynced app is beneficial for every person connected to our program.


How has technology changed the way you communicate with your team?

There is now an app for everything! 5 years ago, to communicate with our players, I had two options on my mobile device, text or call them. With the shift in technology, I can interact with them on so many platforms (IG, Snapchat, TeamSynced, etc…).


What would you say to other teams who are evaluating or new to TeamSynced?

TeamSynced is a great investment! Not only does the app help us to communicate in real time with all of our moving parts, it also helps to eliminate wasted time in the way which we communicate.

As coaches and ops personnel, we no longer have to be the middleman between our players and the information they need.

Everyone now has the information they’re looking for — literally right at their fingertips.



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