Santa Clara University takes on BYU in WCC Women's Volleyball action at Leavey Center in Santa Clara, CA on 10/30/2014.

Q&A with Emily Burke, Assistant Coach Santa Clara, Women’s Volleyball

Former player, now coach, Emily Burke isn’t too far removed from her playing days at Santa Clara to remember the demanding schedule the comes along with being a college athlete. Now, coaching her former team, Emily sat down with us to share why she choses TeamSynced to manage team communication.


Prior to TeamSynced, how did your staff, supporting departments and student athlete’s communicate on a daily basis?

Prior to TeamSynced we used google calendar for major scheduling like practice, departure times, flight information, etc. In addition to email we used GroupMe to communicate.


Why did you decide to implement TeamSynced?

We were looking for a better way to communicate and keep an updated schedule. I was contacted by Tyler and went through the demo. It seemed like a great product to have everything we need in once place plus more. After the trial period, our staff as well as players agreed that we needed to continue using TeamSynced.


What were some objections, if any, that your head coach had when you introduced the idea of TeamSynced? How does he feel now?

The objection was price and the fact that we already had scheduling and communication for free. Now, he feels like it is definitely worth the money. To have everything in one place and more detailed than before has really helped our organization.


What are your players saying about TeamSynced? How do they use the app?

Our players like how detailed we are able to get. The schedule is not broad information anymore. It has their class schedules, training room schedules, weight room schedules, itineraries, etc. Not all but some put their personal life schedules on there as well.


What are your coaches saying about TeamSynced? How do they use the app?

We really like the availability feature. We are able to look at a specific player’s schedule to plan a meeting or film session very easily. The other coaches see how much easier it has made my job for scheduling, communication, and travel.


How do supporting departments use TeamSynced with your team?

Our sports med staff is the only group outside of our immediate team that uses it. It allows them to know each player’s schedule to make doctors’ appointments or plan physical therapy.


What would you say to other teams who are evaluating or new to TeamSynced?

Continue to explore how TeamSynced can help you. I find new features every once in a while that I did not know about. Go all in with it and ask that your players and staff do as well. It will only help you!


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