Head coach Matthew Driscoll has been putting his personal stamp on the UNF men’s basketball program since his arrival in the Spring of 2009. With a contagious personality, boundless energy and a committed and organized plan for taking the Ospreys to new heights, Driscoll has guided the program to noticeable improvements both on and off the court.

One of the more recent improvements was his decision to abandon the system he has been using for 14 years and go all in with TeamSynced. Coach Driscoll was kind enough to share his thoughts on how TeamSynced is benefiting his staff and team in the Q & A session below.

What was your system that you used for 14 years prior to TS?

I’ve been using a very efficient but homemade calendar for the past 14 years…then our assistant had a separate one for game scheduling…then we used Google Calendar for class schedule…lastly, we provided our a team a weekly calendar for updates and changes…NUTS now that I look back to think we have ONE place now in TeamSynced for everything. The calendar is easily sorted and tweaked to meet everyone’s needs!

What was your initial thoughts when you first heard about TS?

You can do all these dashboard items from one application…well designed must have been a coach behind this!!!

Were you reluctant or skeptical about TS when you first heard about it? What about after the demo?

Not at all…I was really intrigued…I love technology when it applies to helping us be efficient and accountable…my wife says we don’t use our phone device to their full capability – only like 15% – so this is another vehicle to be on point and organized…demo was painless and educational but most important for us we had a lot of questions and thoughts outside the scope of the demo and TS was able to demonstrate how our style or format would work…that’s another point it is customizable because everyone uses it differently.

How has TS impacted your personal life since using it? What about the team?

Personally it has allowed me to get into other things on my plate instead of spending time creating…also, I’m able to have a one stop shop when planning family stuff as well…the team loves the 10:00pm ding on phone…the realize its 10pm and reconnect with what’s next giving them instant life adjustments…plus the guys plan important items to them on the calendar giving them a format and helping them to be organized.

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