Recruiting and coaching carousel drama may dominate football headlines, but a growing number of coaches are using the offseason to reduce operational waste.

Build Trust

“I believe that the easiest way to erode trust within an organization is to not value time.” explains Buck Buchanan, Head Football Coach at Hendrix College. “Organization and communication are two huge tools in making sure we are not wasting valuable time.”

Dozens of football teams across the country have partnered with TeamSynced to do just that.

TeamSynced is the team operations platform built specifically for collegiate-athletics to empower coaches to accomplish more—even without a Power 5 budget.

“It allows programs at our level, that don’t have as many resources as those at the big levels, to still have an elite level of organization,” says Jordan Langs, Indiana Wesleyan Head Football Coach.

Structure and Consistency

“For us to be successful, structure and consistency are two big words for us,” says Jon Anderson, Head Football Coach at Sioux Falls University.

“TeamSynced helps us provide both of those. A structure for our guys with scheduling and communication, and consistency with everything coming from one spot that’s very easy for them to navigate.”

Of course, structure and consistency are best established before your athletes run a play. Getting your ops playbook in order before Spring Ball allows coaches to focus 100% on improving on-field performance once it begins.

“The offseason allows for a painless implementation. We ramp you up with a short training call, upload your class schedules when they become available, and you’re off,” says TeamSynced General Manager Andrew Miller. “Our goal is to make engaging with modern student-athletes easier.”

Not Empty Buzzwords

Organization. Communication. Structure. Consistency. Trust.

College coaches know these aren’t meaningless buzzwords. And hundreds across the country have found a proven way to improve in those key areas.

“Our answer, after months of trials and research, was to partner with TeamSynced, and it has been one of our best investments,” says Buchanan.

Schedule a quick demo to learn how to use it for free during Spring Ball; Or see what other coaches say.

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