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Interview with Eric Hammond

Assistant Coach, Towson Volleyball

What do you love about being in college athletics? Why?

Building relationships, teaching life skills and problem-solving skills through sport, and empowering young student-athletes. Those are what get me up and excited to come to work every day.


What challenges were you facing that led to testing out TeamSynced?

Keeping everyone on the same page with calendars and communication was cumbersome and inefficient.


Why did you decide to move forward with a subscription to TeamSynced?

We put TeamSynced through its paces during the trial/evaluation period, and it passed with flying colors. We left a huge percentage of the decision to our players, as they need to be able to use it for convenience and organization as well. UNANIMOUSLY, they raved about it!


How have the players benefited from TeamSynced? How about the coaches?

We have all benefitted by having a simple way to have our most important information available at a glance. The team uses the calendar to plan their days and weeks. They rely on TS to see where they need to be and when. They also use it to post some personal appointments on their own calendars. TeamSynced is an easy way to access anyone’s contact information, and message in multiple, tracked formats (group, blast, and direct). Being able to post viewable and downloadable files is extremely convenient. We all use the site and app on a daily basis, and would be lost without it!


How do your supporting departments (sports med, strength & conditioning, academics, etc.) use TeamSynced?

Our athletic trainer uses TeamSynced as much as the team and our staff do. She utilizes it daily to schedule rehab and doctor’s appointments, send traceable messages to everyone, and post documents to be filled out.

Our strength and conditioning coach sometimes uses the calendar to find available times for lifting and conditioning.

Our academic staff occasionally sends some messages and can check in on where our players should be (class, study hall, tutoring) at any time.

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