The University of Michigan vs Towson University in Ann Arbor, MI. on 11-14-11.

Interview with Mike Swets

Director of Basketball Operations, Towson Men’s Basketball


What was life like before TeamSynced?

Before TeamSynced, there was a lot of wasted paper. We printed everything out – class and study hall schedules, workout and lift groups, stats, everything.

There were also a lot of group text messages going back and forth to make sure everyone was on the same page.

I received a lot of questions like “what’s happening today”, “what time are going today”, “when is my x,y,z”, etc… because no one knew if the schedule had changed or not…


Why did you decide to implement TeamSynced?

We decided to implement TeamSynced because it helped streamline the everyday happenings of the program and make it accessible to everyone associated with the program. We were also intrigued with the file sharing component of the mobile app.


What are some examples of how TeamSynced is used in the day-to-day operations?

We upload everything to the app that happens on a daily basis – classes, study hall, lifts, practices and workouts, team meals, community service events, travel information – literally everything. I know I’m forgetting more than a few things.

We have eliminated the question “What’s going on today” from our program’s vocabulary.

Everything is at our finger tips.


How has mobile devices changed the way you communicate with your players over the years? Where do you think we will be 5 years from now?

Mobile devices have totally revolutionized the way people communicate and how information is shared. When I first got into coaching, not everyone had a cell phone so it was harder to get in touch with them. You had to be very efficient in your time with members of the program while they were around so you didn’t forget anything. Now everyone and everything is accessible.

So much has changed in the last 5 years, it’s tough to even imagine what mobile devices will be able to do 5 years from today.

I think video chatting is going to be the norm, it’s going to take the place of voice calls. They’ll get “smarter” – information will be even more easily accessible.


What would you say to other teams who are evaluating or new to TeamSynced?

I’d ask them what’s the downside? It’s only going to get better. Why wouldn’t teams want to use it? 

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