September 28, 2020

Amidst Budget Cuts and Logistical Challenges, Why TeamSynced?

Heading into fall 2020, many programs are faced with unique logistical challenges and budget cuts they have never faced before.

We at TeamSynced may be biased, but we feel technology has a huge opportunity to do more with less - now more than ever.

Dawson Community College men's basketball recently partnered with TeamSynced, and we asked Athletic Director and Head Men's Basketball Coach Joe Peterson two questions about why he prioritized partnering with us at this time:

Amidst the challenging times and budgets being cut at most schools, what made you choose to invest in TeamSynced for your program at this time?

We were just looking for a better way for our athletes to keep track of their schedules with class, workouts, practice, study hall and their own personal things as well as a way to keep track of class attendance and timeliness.  With so many new players in our program this year, we needed to do something to help them get off to a good start in college academically and athletically.  TeamSynced really helped our coaching staff get organized and our players get organized.  

What is the biggest impact TeamSynced has made on your program so far from your perspective as a head coach?

I think the biggest impact TeamSynced has made for us is accountability for our athletes in attending class and getting there on time.  The check-in feature helps us keep track of each student-athlete and each class without having to spend all day in the hallways checking on them.