March 18, 2020

Staying Engaged While Remote with Greg Dennis of Chattanooga State Baseball

As a coach, there is always more to do. More planning, more recruiting, more meetings, more practice, more scouting, more games, and more paperwork. So when Greg Dennis of Chattanooga State Baseball decided to enlist the help of TeamSynced, he knew that it may take some tasks off of his plate and alleviate some of his ‘more’; What he didn’t realize, was that it would become the one source of information for their program and now, as his players are scattered like the rest of athletic teams across the country, TeamSynced has become their common line to one another.


“Personally I think, from an organizational standpoint, it forced me to look a level or two deeper on a weekly and even daily basis. It gave us a common source that in the past it hasn’t been that way; info came from two or three different sources.

Players became very dependent on their end and we became very dependent on our end as administrators.  It was very reassuring because there was a commonality there that this (TeamSynced) is the hub of everything. It didn’t always have to be a two-way conversation but they were always getting information and we were very comfortable with that.”


Within weeks, things have changed dramatically. Seasons have been canceled and what once was a bustling campus has grown still. 

“We’re going down a path that nobody has ever been down before. So there’s a lot of anxiety as there isn’t a precedent to fall back on to know that this is kind of how you handle it.”

Chattanooga State, like many, have sent their student-athletes home and have placed all classes online for the foreseeable future. What once was an in-person conversation, must now take place virtually.

Adds Dennis, “We can use the mobile app or the desktop as coaches which gives us the opportunity to constantly be in touch in many different ways. What you all do is allow some distance but we can still stay connected and right now I can’t imagine anything being more important than that in the circumstance that we’re all in.” 


You don’t have much time to look back at what has happened when you have a team  or program relying on you for direction, communication, and stability, acting fast and staying engaged is a must.

“We’re trying to find a way to stay connected and keep our players connected with each other, with us as coaches, with the program, with the college, connected to all of that stuff. This is a great resource to do that. I’m sitting here right now with my assistants, prepping a plan to send information out about workouts and throwing programs that would normally not be an issue.

We’re starting to set up individual talks, group talks and scheduling things from both a baseball standpoint and classroom standpoint trying to get a better grasp of where we are. We’re also using (TeamSynced) to get resources out that the college is communicating which is even more important now as we may not be getting back together for a couple of weeks so this is the only resource we have to go out and utilize.”