Buck Buchanan 12x8

Hendrix College head football coach, Buck Buchanan, better have dropped the mic and walked off stage after this one. If you’re in college athletics, no matter your role, the following perspective is absolute gold dust. There is a direct correlation between those who win and those who are always looking for ways to improve. This couldn’t be better portrayed than what you see in the staff and administration behind AFCA’s DIII Region 3 Coach of the Year Buck Buchanan.

Wise Words from Coach Buchanan (Unedited)

We now live in an age where we have become dependent on having access to instant information.  It is important that organizations develop communication strategies to satisfy that need by providing instant and accurate information. Our answer, after months of trials and research, was to partner with TeamSynced, and it has been one of our best investments.  TeamSynced has an extremely user friendly interface (on their mobile app as well their website) that allows us to communicate instantly and effectively with everyone even remotely involved with our program.

Time is a constant that everyone shares. No one gets to add extra time at the end of their day, week, month, year, life, etc.; therefore, it is important to be as efficient as possible with the time we are given.

I believe that the easiest way to erode trust within an organization is to not value time. We strive to be effective; organization and communication are two huge tools in making sure we are not wasting valuable time.

TeamSynced allows us to coordinate all of our schedules, events, and calendars in a manageable system that organizes our available time. We are also able to get information to our team, groups within our team, or an individual in the matter of seconds.

TeamSynced is really easy to use by everyone in our program. We had everyone up and running within a few minutes after one instructional meeting.

It is user friendly to even the non tech savvy coaches, while the players liked communicating through push better than anything else we have done or tried before.

We chose TeamSynced not only for the ability to help us organize and communicate, but we saw them as an upwardly mobile company that possessed a personal touch.  They have and continue to show that they are willing to grow and develop to fit the needs of the organizations they serve.

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