TeamSynced was created to make life easier for players and coaches off the field, but teams like Concordia University Ann Arbor Football are now using the platform to make time on the practice field more efficient as well.

If you’re currently printing out new plays or emailing them to players the night before, take a page from the Cardinals’ TeamSynced playbook.

“I scan drawings or scout cards or save them as pdfs, and upload them to TeamSynced,” says Head Coach Joshua Schumacher.

“Then we share them with the guys by groups.”

New installs are sent out the day before practice. Since TeamSynced has read receipts on all files, coaches can then check to see who viewed the plays before they hit the practice field.

That way the team is on the same page and less practice is used on confusion and excuses.

“Communication with our players using TeamSynced is instantaneous and it’s what they’re comfortable with, so it’s just super efficient.”

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