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Duquesne University Football
Coach Tony Papley
Director of Operations & D-Line Coach

The mobile aspect of TeamSynced is a big advantage for us.

“As coaches, you never know where we’re going to be. We could be across campus at a meeting and need to shoot a message to the whole team. We could be without our computer and coach says, ‘Hey, I need a message sent out to the team.’ With TeamSynced, we can send it out to anyone at any time.

“In this business, you’re always on the move, for example, where I’m in the car right now and if I needed to shoot a message to my D-Line, I can send it to them right this second. Being mobile is critical because that’s the nature of business in today’s the world. Everyone is on the move.

“Players always have their phone, it’s almost like they are attached to their hand! With the capability of having all of our players connected on one platform we are able to share our travel itineraries, daily & weekly information, really any type type of file with the rest of the team. And it is delivered right to their phone.”

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