Southern Idaho Baseball

Congratulations to College of Southern Idaho baseball on a great 2018 season. CSI earned a trip to the Junior College World Series and finished third. The team excelled academically as well, posting a team 3.43 GPA, seventh highest NJCAA Baseball teams in the country.

Nick Aiello
Assistant Baseball Coach – Pitching
College of Southern Idaho

Coach Aiello and the Golden Eagles finished 3rd at the NJCAA World Series in 2018. The team was also had a Top 10 year in the classroom.

Coach Aiello shares a few ways how TeamSynced helped CSI excel on and off the field.

“TeamSynced takes care of everything that we do on a daily basis on one entity, so you don’t have to have a group chat, then email to send pdfs and you don’t have to have anything of that. Every team at this level should have TeamSynced, because it can simplify the line of communication between you and your players.”

How TeamSynced impacts the players:
“TeamSynced has simplified the players’ lives. They have one simple thing they have to open every day to see exactly what our schedule is — and our kids love it.”

How it helps the coaches:
“With all the hats that we wear, including the lawnmower hat, the rake hat, a fertilizer hat, everything-hat, I can do all of my team stuff, class checks and calendar, in 10 minutes.”

How TeamSynced helps with accountability:
“We know exactly when the message was delivered, who seen it, when they saw it, how many times they’ve read it, so there’s no lying or making up a story that can happen and makes our life that much easier.”

How would TeamSynced help your team?

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